Alex Black is a musician and performance artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Black began performing his “distinct brand of bedroom fuck pop” (LA Weekly) in the late ‘00s as part of the LA lo-fi scene constellating from DIY gallery Tiny Creatures, where he played his first show in 2007. He spent the next several years running a performance space on the rooftop of an Echo Park office building, hosting local acts like Ariel Pink, Julia Holter, and Nite Jewel while also contributing music to projects by various artists including choreographer Ryan Heffington and filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko. In 2009 he joined post-punk quartet WEAVE! as a drummer and vocalist, accompanying the band on an EP and a European tour before returning to school to study music composition. Since receiving his MFA from CalArts in 2013, he has performed regularly at galleries and DIY spaces around Los Angeles under the names Nadia Comaneci and Softness, and in 2018 he made his official debut as Alex Black with the EP Baby.


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